Working together for the future

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Terry Fox Run

On September 28, almost the whole school went up to the track behind Elphinstone Secondary School for the Terry Fox Run. The weather was perfect and the crowd was positively pumped and ready to run, walk and jog in support of "Terry".  For three quarters of an hour students, young and old, parents and staff walked, talked, ran, laughed and generally had a super time.  Lots of exercise was had by everyone.  While most of us were at the track our kindergarten students stayed at Gibsons Elementary and did their Terry Fox run around the upper field.  On our return, Gibsons Way was busy with ferry traffic.  The drivers saw the Terry Fox banner the students were carrying and gave us lots of honks and toots of support.  It was a great morning which left a very positive feeling for everyone.  Thanks to all the parents who came out to help supervise the children on the walk to and from the school - we could not have done it without you!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Science in Action!

This past week I had the opportunity to visit many classrooms to watch learning in action.  Our students are hard at work reviewing, revising and engaging in learning about new and interesting learning outcomes.  I had an opportunity to watch Mrs. Kranenburg's science class launch their eggs in a "protected" capsule from the top of our adventure playground.  As well, I watched a demonstration of an art project outcome when I stopped in to visit Mrs. Moul's classroom.  It is very rewarding to see our students eagerly engaged in learning.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

The End of a Super week!

The first week of school went off smoothly.  The children easily settled into routines and the staff met their needs with skill and precision. I want to extend a huge thank you to the parents who stepped in and covered regular routines that we are still trying to remember.  We miss Mrs. Tattrie who is away right now and we hope to have her return some time in the immediate future.

A big thank you to the PAC for providing the freezies at lunch on Friday. They helped to cool the end of a very hot week!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Another sunny, hot day!

The playgrounds were busy today and it was great to see lots of students with hats and water bottles.  I met with the Parent group this morning to talk about activities happening around the school and plans for upcoming events.  It would be great to see a large turnout of parents at our first PAC meeting on September 21, from 7-9.

The earthquake container is being cleaned out of the outdated supplies and new supplies are on their way into the container.  Your child will be bringing home their personal earthquake kit.  Families are asked to update the information, add a fresh snack and return it to the school.  More details to follow.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

First full day of school ...

Today was a very full day as students spent time in the library looking up new books to read and began participating in the music program. As I wandered through classrooms I heard lots of singing and poem reciting.  I met more and more new students and had some great conversations with students who want to direct their own learning - very impressive!  Our new kindergarten students spent some time in class this morning as a group, getting to know each other and participate in a tour around the school.  Mrs. Petty and I were delighted by all the smiling faces that greeted us when they stopped by to say "HI"!

The weather continues to be warm reminding us that summer is not over.  Students are encouraged to wear a hat outside and bring a water bottle.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

First day of school!

We had a wonderful day to day.  The Gibsons Elementary School community was buzzing with excitement and smiling faces.  A huge thank you to the parents for providing a warm welcome to our new and returning families.  The coffee and baked goods were appreciated and well received.  I had a great opportunity to meet many of the students today as I visited each classroom throughout the day and chatted with students on the playground.  Pre-ordered school supplies were handed out at the end of the day today. If your son or daughter missed picking them up they can get them tomorrow. I want to thank the staff for a very warm welcome to Gibsons Elementary.  We will begin our first full day of school on Wednesday starting at 9:05 and ending at 2:50.  See you tomorrow!

Monday, 5 September 2011

We are about twenty hours from the start of a new school year!  Over the past two weeks the custodians have been in to do last minute tidying, teachers have been in getting their classrooms sparkling for the new year and our support staff has been busy ensuring that everything goes smoothly for our students. You will see two new faces in the front office.  I have an office there, but I hope to spend most of my time out in the halls and on the playground getting to know the staff, students and their families.  Mrs. Petty (Leah) is our new administrative assistant.  She has been busy getting our student information system tidied up for the new year.  For Tuesday and Wednesday parents can expect that their child(ren) will return to last year's teacher.  Students new to GES will be in classes with other students of similar age. The parents will have coffee on tomorrow morning, just outside the front office, by the main doors.  Please drop by and connect to these wonderful parents who do so much for our school.  One more sleep!  See you in the morning!